Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Ready

I am pretty excited as write this blog. All my life I have loved baking. I would have day dreams about owning my own bakery.

I baked when I was happy, sad, hungry, bored , for gifts or for no reason at all. Over the past several months I have been delivering my chocolate covered confections to friends houses, showers and parties.

People go nuts about how good the strawberries taste and how beautiful they are. One sweet woman said "They look like little pieces of art". I was in awe because I have even said, even though everything I bake is fantastically delicious, they must be beautiful and to me they are pieces of art work.

For years people have been telling me I should sell my goodies and I have ignored them and thought there is no way I ever could, until this past weekend. I went to a baby shower in Sherman, Texas and brought 4 dozens of chocolate covered strawberries. The crowd went wild and there were even a couple of fights over the last few strawberries (sadly enough I only devoured one). I have always thought strawberries were a girl snack, I was so wrong. Big man, after big man, came up and asked for more strawberries.

So here's my plan:

If you know anyone who would love to have chocolate covered anything (I specialize in strawberries, cherries , and a variety of home made cookies) let me know. I will deliver them anywhere in the DFW.

I have a rough price list, but I promise mine are cheaper than anywhere in Dallas, and on the Internet (I checked).

Keep in mind this is a side gig, something to make me happy on the side, so I will need at 48 hours notification before you will need the strawberries.

I will be posting pictures this weekend. Please pass along the word!

With love,
Kim Polk

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  1. Kim, these look awesome. I'm glad you decided to share these with everyone. I'll keep you in mind for the strawberries, as I have a couple of men that love them. One in particular, Gabriel.